The ever truth-seeking, at times irritating, some said “controversial” Eleven Points Blog is moving on. Not that it is in the plans to slow down, write less,  stop nosing around. Instead you will find the production of news and posts with the edgeball consulting website

It’s easier that way – not only can we tell the international audience what we are doing,  or correction trying to do with our company, we can also be proactive with opinions, suggestions and promotional campaigns. The Power of Passion should still be strong enough to change a few things in the wonderful world of International Table Tennis – although it is, I can admit, harder to do it from the outside.  In fact we live and work in a much regulated Table Tennis world, whereas common sense, quick creative style of suggestions is not always welcome.

Perhaps it is the constant struggle of surviving that drains our sport of the opportunities to grow. The ITTF as the international governor does try to infuse ideas and programmes that in many cases create more of a dependency rather than the much needed offensive drive, the eagerness to develop the sport within the membership.

But all together that is another story.  Focus should from now on be  the growth of edgeball consulting – our clients and to have that form the perfect platform to influence the development of table tennis.  We started for real one year ago and have so far laid the focus on the city of Halmstad and its exciting Ping Pong Power Project for which we have supplied the creative ideas to go along with the graphical design outline.

We were also heavily involved with the ITTF Legendstour event  2015 adding operational drive and management to something that actually turned out to be a nice , entertaining event in Halmstad, Sweden – our very own city.