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Welcome to the future. Welcome to edgeball consulting – a new company looking to bring innovative media solutions, quality project management and high doses of creativity to the existing world of international sports.

Recent work

Our home – our passion is one of the largest sports in the world, Table Tennis. Much like in any other sport – matches in Table Tennis are won with the narrowest of margins. You get an edge here – one there and in the end victory will come to those equipped for success.

Media Solutions

Expect to be served the full package of strategically smart media solutions. Graphic design – Print – Web Development – Press services – publishing.


We are eager to manage events, tournaments.,leagues and training camps, from start to finish,  with a strong sense of leadership.

High Performance Concepts

Our interest in pure excellence runs deep enough for us to believe that we can make a difference for international bodies – national associations or/ and private clients looking for improvements and success.


High Quality!

edge ball consulting is ready to deliver high quality project management – to seek out the smart media solutions – to deliver High Performance Concepts for clients searching for the next level of international success. We are there for you, always with you, and when the wind blows hard, like it always has a tendency to do in competitive sports, we will stand tall for you. That’s our promise!










Check out our work!

Here are a few samples of our previous work. If you want to know more about the projects in detail, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to hear from you!

Various logos and programs for International Table Tennis Federation. Foundation, ideas, design and artwork.
World Veteran Championships in Stockholm 2012. Design and artwork of logo, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, web, badges, backdrops etc.
Back from the deep end – Michael Maze. Writing, design and layout.
Pingis – The Swedish Table Tennis Association´s official magazine. Layout, prepress, redesign, logo design, writing, editor in chief and photography.
Educational platform for the International Table Tennis Federation. Foundation, idea, web development, web design and maintenance.
Bid campaign for World Championships 2018. Strategic approach and communications, copy, design, artwork, video presentation, photography and visual presentation at the AGM in Paris 2012.
Website for Swedish Open Championships. Web development, web design and maintenance.
Kanak Jha – sponsorprospectus. Copy, design and artwork.

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